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SALE- Giant educator 'INSPIRE' bundle Age 12-17

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Product Details

To support schools through remote learning we are offering educators this incredible giant bundle designed to inspire & educate age 12-17 in everything growth mindset and more!

Three of our top selling downloadable programs for the price of 2!

What it includes;

1) Game Changer bundle

Our Teacher led Dream BIG & Succeed is a digital program jam packed full of education that will challenge your students to think outside of the box, learn to overcome challenges and explore what their future could look like.

  • 6 x 50 minute lesson plans
  • 6 x 10 minute videos showcasing education from the Project Gen Z entrepreneurs
  • The GameChanger student workbook.

2) Dream it, Dare it, Do it- Goals & Dreams bundle

Dream it, Dare it, Do it is made up of 2 lesson plans for age 12-17 to inspire students to dream big, give them the tools needed to overcome obstacles, combat limiting beliefs and set goals.

  • Educator/parent lesson plans
  • Printable student worksheets
  • 1 x 60 minute lesson plan on Dreaming big and creating a vision.
  • 1 x 60 minute lesson plan on how to goal set.

3. Generation Inspired Careers program

Generation Inspired is a 1-2 lesson careers program developed to give students the opportunity to explore strengths, passions, and what their future could look like.

  • Teacher/parent lesson plans
  • Student worksheets
  • Access to 'Generation Inspired' a 30 min documentary for students, teachers & parents

All of these programs are downloadable, so simply click and buy and you will receive the files.

10 hours of education for only $124.99!!!

Usually $150.

"An inspirational & educational program, which left my students feeling more confident for the future."

Jan, Educator Melbourne

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Each time you make a purchase with Project Gen Z you support our work to inspire & educate disadvantaged young people in Cambodia.

Thank you for helping us to make a difference!

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