Exploring careers

Years 7-12 / Up to 120 students / Tailored workshop

Navigating life after school

We are excited to launch our new  'Exploring careers masterclasses' for 2022.  

Exploring careers consists of 8 different masterclass modules that schools can choose from based on the outcomes you would like to achieve.

Each module is designed and run by a successful industry leader and will support students to prepare for life after school.


Exploring Careers

Masterclass modules

Each module runs for between 1-2 hours

1. Exploring You

Students explore strengths, passions, potential & possibilities for the future.

2. Generation Inspired

Students watch an inspiring short documentary ‘Generation Inspired’ and learn how to face fears and obstacles

3. The Career for you.

Students identify their personal and work values to give them an insight into future careers.

4. Launch your Linked in

Students hear from our linked in specialist and develop a linked in profile to attract opportunities.

5. Networking

An interactive session to teach students how to confidently build relationships, network and collaborate.

6. Yes to new Opportunities

How to create opportunities and design your own future.

7. Win your dream job!

Students learn the tips and tricks for the interview process and learn how to win their dream job.

8. Generation Inspired part 2

Students watch part 2 of Generation Inspired which follows the journey of 3 young people and tells the story of overcoming huge obstacles to achieve their goals

Key outcomes

  • How to set and achieve goals

  • How to make effective decisions and problem solve

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • The power of gratitude

  • Resilience and positive mindset

  • Focus and clarity

  • Team work

  • Self motivation

**PLUS ..Every student will walk away with one of our supersize 2022 Dreams & Goals posters!!

Skills for the future

what teachers say..

"An informative, educational and inspiring look into what the future can look like. The perfect workshop to prepare students for the future. "

"Our students really enjoyed the Exploring Careers workshop series. They feel more confident and excited to start their careers."

"Thank you Project Gen Z for running Exploring Careers with our year 11's. Our students loved hearing your speaker share their career journey."

How it works

  • Choose as many modules as you require. We tailor run Exploring careers for you (Can be run as 1 hr, 2hr, half day, full day, 2 days, or even over a term!) 

  • Years 7-12

  • Up to 120 students per workshop

What we need

  • Large room with space to break out

  • Projector & sound

  • Students need access to an Ipad or Laptop