The ‘Dare to Dream’ school series is aimed at young people years 5-12. Our aim is to introduce a fun and innovative educational model to connect young people with successful entrepreneurs, pass on important skills and prepare them for the world of work.


Our workshops are delivered to suit you, with 1 hour, a half day, or a full day workshops that can be run on-campus, or off site in one of our entrepreneur centres.

We have educated over 20,000 young people with our on-campus workshops!

Dare to Dream

  • Students hear from real entrepreneurs, how they navigated life after school, overcame obstacles and found their passion.
  • Students learn step by step how to start a business direct from those that have been there, done that.
  • ​Students split into teams to take part in ‘The Apprentice Challenge’ where they go head to head to solve a problem and launch their own mini business. The teams build a marketing campaign, film and edit a 30 sec TV commercial and then battle it out in a live ‘pitch off’ competition in front of the Project Gen Z judges.
Skills for the future
Key outcomes
  • The inspiration to dream

  • Confidence, self-belief and adaptable life and business skills

  • Insights into problem solving through  entrepreneurial thinking

  • The development of an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Core skills in leadership, sales, marketing, financial management, presentation skills, business planning and strategy

  • Skills to develop resilience and adversity

  • Critical thinking

  • Communication skills

  • The ability to work in a team successfully

Students love daring to dream!

“I’d just like to say thank you very
very much for the workshop. I learnt
so many skills over the past two days,
I will definitely share the skills I learnt with my friends and family. I can honestly say its the best thing I've ever done in my life. Thank you very much”

“I want to thank you again for
the workshop. You have motivated
me so much that I have decided to
ramp up my passion and I have
started my own business. You guys
are amazing at what you do and
have truly opened up my eyes.” 

“It was very educational whilst
still being fun. This kept everyone engaged and it is why I had
so much fun” 

Desmia, Year 11

Harry, Year 9

Charise, Year 7

School Workshops



  • Hear an inspiring story from an entrepreneur

  • Create a vision board

  • Goal setting session to create your future

  • Positive mindset challenge

Key outcomes
  • How to set goals and achieve them

  • Why dreaming is important

  • Tapping into passions

  • Creating a vision

  • How to overcome obstacles and setbacks

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

Goal setting and dream challenge
Mini Dreamers
Dare to Dream
Entrepreneurial challenge
  • Meet the entrepreneurs and be inspired by their story

  • Solve a real business problem

  • Work in teams to launch a mini business

  • Compete in a pitch off event

Key outcomes
  • Build belief and confidence

  • Developing resilience and adversity

  • How to overcome obstacles and setbacks

  • Problem solving through entrepreneurial thinking

  • Creating an ‘action’ focused mindset’



Get involved!

The Dare to Dream workshops have a 100% recommendation rate from our students


YEARS 5-12

  • Meet the entrepreneurs and be inspiredby their story

  • Solve a real business problem

  • Work in teams to launch a mini business

  • Compete in a pitch off event

Key outcomes
  • Build belief and confidence

  • Developing resilience and adversity

  • How to overcome obstacles and setbacks

  • Problem solving through entrepreneurial thinking

  • Creating an ‘action’ focused mindset

Entrepreneurial challenge
Mini Dreamers
Resilience and Mindset

•  Build a dream board & learn about goal setting

•  Compete in an entrepreneurial challenge to      develop a product to make people happy!

•  Tackle our team building activities

Key outcomes

•  How to make effective decisions and
    problem solve

•  The power of gratitude

•  Resilience and positive mindset

•  Communication

•  Team work

•  Collaboration and relationships




YEARS 5-12

  • Hear the story of a social entrepreneur

  • Identify a problem worth solving

  • Build a mini social enterprise

  • Compete in a pitch off challenge

Key outcomes
  • How to tap into your passion to make a difference

  • The role of a social entrepreneur

  • Dreaming big and creating a vision

  • Business skills

  • Storytelling to create influence

Solving problems for social impact
Exploring Careers
Navigating life after school
  • Hear from a range of speakers to explore careers

  • Watch ‘Generation Inspired’ a doco for students and teachers

  • Explore passions and what it takes to be  successful

  • Step by step planning to live a dream life

Key outcomes
  • Skills needed for the future of work

  • How to overcome obstacles

  • How to goal set

  • How to tap into passions and find your purpose

YEARS 9-12


We are all about impact!

Each quarter we award a school in need with a grant to access one of our workshops at no cost. To apply, or nominate a school to receive a free 'Dare to Dream' workshop, enter details below.


How much does it cost to book a workshop?

Our workshop costs depend on the length or workshopyou want, and the number of students involved. We have facilitators based in Victoria, NSW and QLD, but we are happy to travel to other states if you want an on campus workshop. Please reach out at or call 0433 325 263 for more details.

Can you run the workshops off school campus

​Yes! We have a number of partnerships with co-working spaces and entrepreneurial centres, so if you want your students to leave the classroom and give them a taste of what it is like in a work environment we can organise a workshop on site.

How many students do your workshops cater for

​Our workshops can be run for 15-100 students at any one time.

Can I tailor a downloadable program?

We are open to tailoring our teacher ‘DIY’ programs to suit your school day or term length. Please feel free to reach out to discuss with our team at

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