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dream big & goal set

Launch the term with a bang!

Do you need to focus your students and get them excited about the future??  If yes, this workshop will do the trick!

Dream big and Goal set is an interactive and fun workshop that will take students on a journey to build self confidence, explore their passions, purpose and why!  

An educational workshop that supports students to learn how to goal set and tap into their inner potential, creating motivation, clarity and results!


Years 4-12 / Up to 120 students / 2 hr or half day

Dream big & Goal set

Launch the term with a bang!

This workshop is aimed at supporting students to tap into their potential, build confidence and get them excited about the future.

  • An inspiring speaker will share their story of overcoming obstacles to achieve their dreams and goals.

  • Explore strengths, talents and skills to work out their 'Why'.

  • Learn how easy it is to set goals.

  • Build a dream board to inspire and motivate.

  • Learn how to overcome obstacles and be resilient!

  • Tackle our team building activities 

Key outcomes

  • How to set and achieve goals

  • How to make effective decisions and problem solve

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • The power of gratitude

  • Resilience and positive mindset

  • Focus and clarity

  • Team work

  • Self motivation

**PLUS ..Every student will walk away with one of our supersize 2022 Dreams & Goals posters!!

Skills for the future

what teachers say..

"I just wanted to follow up to say thank you for the most amazing workshop. I think the students all really enjoyed it. they were certainly engaged from my perspective and I think the benefits will be long-lasting."

Thank you so much to you and the entire team for putting together a wonderful inspiring event. The students have gained so much and are really grateful.

"This workshop challenged students to think beyond their 'normal' and to work outside their comfort zone. 

5 out of 5."

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How it works

  • ​1, 2 hour or Half day

  • Years 5-12

  • Up to 120 students per workshop

What we need

  • Large room with space to break out

  • Projector & sound

  • Students need access to an Ipad or Laptop


  • How much does it cost to book a workshop?
    Our workshop costs depend on the length of the workshop, and the number of students involved. Prices start from $500. Please reach out at or call 0433 325 263 for more details.
  • Can you run the workshops off school campus
    ​Yes! We have a number of partnerships with co-working spaces and entrepreneurial centres, so if you want your students to leave the classroom and give them a taste of what it is like in a work environment we can organise a workshop off campus.
  • How many students do your workshops cater for
    ​Our workshops can be run for 15-120 students at any one time.
  • Can I tailor a downloadable program?
    We are open to tailoring our teacher ‘DIY’ programs to suit your school day or term length. Please feel free to reach out to discuss with our team at
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