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A wellbeing workshop 


Thrive’ a wellbeing workshop for years 5-12.

In this 1 or 1.5 hour workshop, students will learn how to harness the power of hopes, dreams, goals and plans, to build mental resilience, and develop well being strategies to support them on their journey.


The workshop starts with an inspiring real story from one of our entrepreneurs, changemakers or mental health advocates. Students will learn how our speaker has battled tough times, overcome challenges and gone on to do incredible things.

The workshop then moves on to an interactive session based on our ‘8 steps to thrive’- wellbeing strategies to support young people to build confidence, connection and harness their hopes and dreams.  We conclude with an exciting ‘Thrive Challenge’ that will see students plan a week’s worth of kindness, gratitude and EQ activities to continue on their path of wellbeing and self awareness. 



  • Students hear from an entrepreneur, changemaker or mental health advocate and how they navigated life after school, overcame obstacles and developed the tools to thrive.
  • Students learn why mental health matters, and will gain important tools and well being strategies to live an awesome life.
  • ​Students will take part in our 'Thrive Challenge' a 7 day kindness and wellbeing challenge that will see them put their new found tools into action.
Skills for the future
Key outcomes
  • An introduction into wellbeing & mental health

  • The importance of mindfulness 

  • Confidence, self-belief and EQ.

  • Problem solving through connection and community

  • Skills to develop resilience and adversity

  • Critical thinking

  • Communication skills

  • Kindness and gratitude

  • Goal setting

PLUS..... all students will get a copy of our digital EQ workbook and our dreams & goals printables.

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How it works

  • 1 or 1.5 hr workshop

  • Years 5-12

  • Virtual or on-campus

  • EQ workbook & Dreams and Goals bundle will be provided as digital files for you to print.

  • Limited dates available

"The Project Gen Z Thrive workshop helped me realise that I can overcome big setbacks."

-Year 6 student, Secret Harbour Primary School

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