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what we do

Impact projects

Each year we put together a team of entrepreneurs who visit communities in Cambodia to run the futures kills entrepreneurial workshop series to inspire and educate disadvantaged youths.


What we do

Over 10 days we pass on important life and business skills, and challenge our students in ‘The Apprentice business challenge’ which sees students launch their own business from a $100 budget.

Changing lives

Our social impact trips have been hugely successful. We have inspired and educated hundreds of students, some of whom now run their own businesses. Our team have also raised over $620,000 for our charity partner ‘Sunrise Cambodia’ so they can continue their awesome work.

Increase in students going on to University and higher education


of graduates that have left Sunrise now have jobs


rise in wages due to an increased skill set

Dare to Dream graduates now running their own part time or full time business


Get involved

These trips are for passionate entrepreneurs who want to be hands on, to inspire, educate and coach our students.

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