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Australia’s only school holiday camp designed and run by some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and change makers.  


We have toured schools in Australia, educated disadvantaged youths in Cambodia, and have impacted over 20,000 young people... Now, we have launched our school holiday program which is designed to inspire and educate young people, build confidence, and equip kids with important soft skills to prepare them for the future.


Not your average school holiday camp!

“Wow, my 9 year old loved this workshop!  Not only has she gained new skills, she seems more confident and positive. Thank you Project Gen Z”

Sean Hardy, Dad to Willow, age 12

A fun 2 day workshop for ‘mini dreamers’ that helps to build confidence and resilience.  

12th &13th April | Docklands
Ages 5-12

Throughout this innovative workshop our entrepreneurs will support kids to get curious about what their future might look like. We will explore passions and purpose, identify personal strengths and build confidence using some fun team games and activities.


Kids will learn how to set personal goals, will build their very own dream board, and develop tools to overcome obstacles and maintain a positive mindset.


“Kids won't even know they are learning!”

Tickets: $178 (Early bird buy before 25th March), $220 (General).

Mini Dreamers

Inspiring and exciting, kids will learn how to problem solve and change the world all in 2 days!

14th & 15th April | Docklands
Ages 8-13

Is your kid passionate about making a difference in the world?  Yes? Then ‘Changemaker’ is for them! 


Over 2 days, kids will learn how to identify global and local problems, and then in teams will come up with creative solutions to make a difference using entrepreneurship and leadership. Think homelessness, climate change, disadvantaged communities... the problems are endless. To end the learning with a bang there is a ‘Changemaker’ challenge, where the teams will brainstorm an idea for a social enterprise and then pitch it to the Project Gen Z judges.

"I think you may have changed my son's life!"


Tickets: $198 (Early bird tickets on sale now until 25th March), $249 (General).


Upcoming workshops:

Kids will walk away with new skills in leadership, team work, resilience, problem solving and will feel more focused and clear on what the future holds.


Kids will explore, prepare and get excited and motivated for the future.

This jam packed workshop takes kids through a journey to explore what their ideal life might look like. We want them to value their strengths, and learn how to tap into their passions to live a fulfilled life.

Ages 8-13
1 day workshop
Date and location TBC

For seriously passionate young entrepreneurs and changemakers!

Ages 10-18
5 day bootcamp
Date and location TBC

This bootcamp is for kids that already have a business and want to take it to the next level.


Action Stations includes 1 on 1 business mentoring, a variety of successful business owners sharing their story, and support for kidpreneurs to build their business and take it to the next level.

Entry by application only.

Action Stations

A seriously engaging boot camp to develop enterprise skills and the skills needed for the future of work. 

Ages 8-13
2 day workshop
Date and location TBC

An exciting entrepreneurial challenge which sees kids work in a team to launch a mini business in just two days. 


In teams students will each choose a real company role and compete to launch a mini business. They will design a marketing campaign, social media campaign, film and edit a TV commercial and then present their ideas in a grand finale ‘pitch off’ competition in front of the judges.

For kids that have big dreams! Launchpad is a 4 day workshop to take a business idea from concept to creation!

Ages 8-13
4 day workshop
Date and location TBC

After completing Kickstarter, Founder and Changemaker we give determined kids the opportunity to work hand in hand with some of our best entrepreneurs to build and launch a business.

Learning about leadership, sales and marketing, money management, building a brand, website and all aspects of business, kids will finish on day four with their own business ready to take on the world!


“A tremendously engaging fun and educational workshop – a great holiday activity”

Davies, mum to Will, age 9

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