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Generation Inspired Careers program Age 13-18

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Generation Inspired is a 1-2 lesson careers program developed for ages 13-18 to give them the opportunity to explore strengths, passions, and what their future could look like.

*Can be run in the classroom or as part of a home learning curriculum*

What's included;

  • Teacher/parent lesson plans
  • Student worksheets
  • Access to 'Generation Inspired' a documentary for students, teachers & parents


  • Growth Mindset
  • Confidence & self belief
  • How to tap into passions to find the perfect career
  • A plan for the future
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs & obstacles
  • Resilience

The program starts by students watching an inspirational short documentary called 'Generation Inspired'. The documentary is a collection of short interviews with successful people from all different walks of lives. They each share their personal story- from leaving school to the point that they managed to tap into their passions to find a career they love.

The documentary will open young minds to the possibilities of the future and give young people the tools needed to fully explore their own futures.

After the documentary, students work through purposely designed worksheets which will help them eliminate fears, get rid of limiting beliefs, form clearer ideas for their journey after school and feel more inspired and focused.

- This is a downloadable & printable program

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- Over 6000 students have completed this program!

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"An inspirational & educational program, which left my students feeling more confident for the future."

Jan, Educator Melbourne

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