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Game Changers workbook Age 12-18

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Game Changers is a series of programs aimed at ages 12-17. Each month we launch a new program to help inspire, motivate and teach your teen to dream big, be positive and give them actionable steps that will lead to success.

Dream BIG & Succeed is a digital and downloadable program jam packed full of education that will challenge your teen to think outside of the box, learn to overcome challenges and explore what their future could look like.


- Growth Mindset

- Problem Solving

- Creativity

- Enterprise Mindset

- Goal setting

The pack includes worksheets with activities and exercises that will take your teen through a journey to explore their strengths, passions, dreams, and will teach them how to be resilient when faced with challenges.

A perfect mix of learning and fun!

"My 14 year old loved working through 'Dream big & Succeed', she especially loved building her dream board and completing the challenge to step out of her comfort zone. 10/10." Sarah Dunn, Parent

"I loved learning about goal setting and have already designed my goals poster which is stuck on my bedroom wall so I can look at it every day." Tom, 16yrs old

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