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money and me

Project Gen Z and MyBudget are excited to bring you 'Money and Me,' a kid’s guide to good money habits!

In these exciting downloadable programs, Money and Me takes kids & teens through a journey to learn everything there is about earning, spending and saving money.

Tammy Barton, MyBudget founder and one of Australia’s leading personal finance experts, says:

"Helping someone do more with their money, helps them do more with their life. Money can unlock more choices and allow you to dream even bigger dreams. With that in mind, the aim of the Money and Me program is to help you learn how to handle your money confidently and to budget for your best life!”

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Money and Me

With Money and Me you learn:​
  • How to earn money

  • The difference between wants and needs

  • Healthy money habits

  • How to budget

  • How to save

  • How to develop a positive money mindset

  • The value of gifts and giving

Not just that…


The Mini Dreamers Money & Me workbook also includes loads of FUN and educational worksheets, activities and real-life tools. 

This is a workbook every child, parent, carer and teacher should have!

Skills for the future
Key outcomes
  • Financial literacy

  • How to budget and set money goals

  • The inspiration to dream

  • Confidence and self-belief 

  • Insights into problem solving 

  • The development of a money mindset

  • Skills to develop resilience and adversity

  • Critical thinking

*This is a digital & downloadable workbook

* Perfect for in the classroom or home learning.


Only $19.99

As seen on TV

What people say..

"I have been searching for a simple and fun financial literacy program to use in the classroom for a while and at last I have found one! Money and Me is both fun and educational. My year 5's loved the learning activities and have already learnt a lot."

"I am astonished! My 15 year son has never been interested in learning about how to manage money.  However, he completed Money and Me and has walked away with a budget, his own savings goals and is now looking at ways he can earn more money. Thank you Project Gen Z and MyBudget!"



More workshops
Project Gen Z and MyBudget are excited to announce that very soon the 'Money and Me' financial literacy workshops will be brought to schools across the country!

In these exciting and fun school workshops, Money and Me will take students through a journey to learn everything there is about earning, spending and saving money.

Years 4-12

2 hr / half day

*** Launching in term 2!  

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