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Our giant supersize growth mindset colouring in activity sheet is perfect for use in the classroom or for home learning!!


This printable worksheet takes kids through a range of activities including goal setting, practicing gratitude, a bucket list and an exercise to dreaming BIG.


Not only is it fun, it allows kids get creative at the same time helps them to practice a growth mindset. Once finished, your kids get to hang it on the wall where they can look at their big dreams everyday!



  • Growth Mindset
  • Goal setting
  • Dream big
  • Gratitude
  • Affirmations


Size: It can be printed up to A1 in size

This is a digital file.


"My year 2's just completed the growth mindset poster and absolutely loved it.  We discussed their big dreams and their futures. It was the perfect lesson to refocus my students after Covid-19". Mr Barnes, Educator


Digital growth mindset activity sheet

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