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Calling all future thinking educators….

We are offering schools across Australia the opportunity to become a Project Gen Z Dare to Dream member. 

After educating over 100,000 young people around the world, running workshops across the country and making a difference in the lives of 100’s disadvantaged youths in Cambodia, Project Gen Z is now giving YOUR school the opportunity to join our movement of big dreamers & action takers!

This month we launch our exciting new school membership program that will support you to inspire and educate your students, giving them the confidence, belief and tools to succeed in the ever changing world of work.

Simply commit to run one of our on-campus workshops to inspire & educate your students on an on-going basis, and your school will unlock some serious rewards!
As a member school, you will lock in a VIP discount for up to 20% off all on-campus workshops for every year level in the school.
You will also get access to some seriously innovative & educational teacher led resources designed by some amazing experts that focuses on the practical application of 21st century skills that will have life-long results for your students.

We know how hard you work, so our content and education has been designed to save you time with planning, and provide you with tons of lesson plans, videos, learning activities and resources that you and your students will love. 

How it works
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