black friday for schools

To celebrate Black Friday, the first 20 schools to book a workshop will receive a HUGE 50% off the cost!

Workshops include;

  • Founder

  • Dream BIG and Goal set

  • Thrive

Years 5-12

On campus and virtual workshops available

This offer is only available for the first 20 schools to book 

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Black Friday workshops...



  • Hear an inspiring story from an entrepreneur

  • Create a vision board

  • Goal setting session to create your future

  • Positive mindset challenge

Key outcomes
  • How to set goals and achieve them

  • Why dreaming is important

  • Tapping into passions

  • Creating a vision

  • How to overcome obstacles and setbacks

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

Goal setting and dream challenge
Mini Dreamers
Dare to Dream
Entrepreneurial challenge
  • Meet the entrepreneurs and be inspired by their story

  • Solve a real business problem

  • Work in teams to launch a mini business

  • Compete in a pitch off event

Key outcomes
  • Build belief and confidence

  • Developing resilience and adversity

  • How to overcome obstacles and setbacks

  • Problem solving through entrepreneurial thinking

  • Creating an ‘action’ focused mindset’



Get involved!

The Dare to Dream workshops have a 100% recommendation rate from our students

  • Hear the inspiring story of one of our entrepreneurs, from leaving school to building a business.

  • Then in teams students will participate in the 'Apprentice challenge' where they will work against the clock to solve a real problem & build a business.

  • Students will end the day in a live pitch-off event where they will showcase their work in front of the judges. A winning team will be chosen.


Key outcomes

  • Build belief and confidence

  • Developing resilience and adversity

  • How to overcome obstacles and setbacks

  • Problem solving through entrepreneurial thinking

  • Creating an ‘action’ focused mindset

  • Entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, finance, social media, public speaking and more!

This workshop has been run with over 30,000 students and has been rated 5 stars!!

FULL DAY - up to 100 students

YEARS 5-12

Entrepreneurial challenge
Founder- 50% OFF!
  • Hear the inspiring story of one of our entrepreneurs or change-makers, from leaving school, overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals.

  • Explore what makes them awesome- and will uncover their strengths, passions and their WHY.

  • Students will take part in a fun and interactive goal setting and dream board building session.

  • Tackle our team building activities and learn all about overcoming obstacles and resilience.


Key outcomes

  • Passion, purpose, dreaming big & goal setting.

  • How to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

  • The importance of a positive attitude & mindset

  • How to make effective decisions & problem solve

  • Communication and team work

  • Collaboration and relationships

The perfect workshop to focus, motivate and inspire students and launch 2022 with a bang!

2 HOUR - up to 100 students

Dream Big & Goal set- 50% OFF!
Resilience and Mindset

YEARS 4-12

Changemaker- 50% OFF!
Solving problems for social impact

YEARS 5-12

FULL DAY- Up to 100 students

  • Hear the story of a social entrepreneur. How they tapped into their passion and made a plan to change the world.

  • Students then take part in the Changemaker challenge where they identify a problem worth solving and learn how to use business as a force for good.

  • In teams students build a mini social enterprise

  • The day ends with an exciting pitch-off competition where students showcase their work. A winning team is chosen.

Key outcomes
  • How to tap into your passion to make a difference

  • The role of a social entrepreneur

  • Dreaming big and creating a vision

  • Business skills

  • Storytelling to create influence

  • Confidence and belief

  • Team work and collaboration

  • Leadership.

Rated as students fav workshop in 2020/2021! 

5 stars!

Thrive- 50% OFF!
Wellbeing and Mental health

YEARS 5-12

1.5 HR - Up to 150 students

  • Students hear from a mental health advocate and how they navigated life after school, overcame obstacles and developed the tools to thrive.
  • Students learn why mental health matters, and will gain important tools and wellbeing strategies to live an awesome life.
  • ​Students will take part in our 'Thrive Challenge' a 7 day kindness and wellbeing challenge that will see them put their new found tools into action.
Key outcomes
  • An introduction into wellbeing & mental health

  • The importance of mindfulness 

  • Confidence, self-belief and EQ.

  • Problem solving through connection and community

  • Skills to develop resilience and adversity

  • Critical thinking and Communication skills

  • Kindness and gratitude

This workshop can be run on campus or virtually.


The first 20 schools can claim the discount.