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black friday for schools

To celebrate Black Friday, the first 20 schools to book a workshop will receive a HUGE 50% off the cost!

Workshops include;

  • Founder

  • Dream BIG and Goal set

  • Thrive

Years 5-12

On campus and virtual workshops available

This offer is only available for the first 20 schools to book 

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Black Friday workshops...

Primary School
Secondary School



  • Hear an inspiring story from an entrepreneur

  • Create a vision board

  • Goal setting session to create your future

  • Positive mindset challenge

Key outcomes
  • How to set goals and achieve them

  • Why dreaming is important

  • Tapping into passions

  • Creating a vision

  • How to overcome obstacles and setbacks

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

Goal setting and dream challenge
Mini Dreamers
Dare to Dream
Entrepreneurial challenge
  • Meet the entrepreneurs and be inspired by their story

  • Solve a real business problem

  • Work in teams to launch a mini business

  • Compete in a pitch off event

Key outcomes
  • Build belief and confidence

  • Developing resilience and adversity

  • How to overcome obstacles and setbacks

  • Problem solving through entrepreneurial thinking

  • Creating an ‘action’ focused mindset’



Get involved!

The Dare to Dream workshops have a 100% recommendation rate from our students

  • Hear the inspiring story of one of our entrepreneurs, from leaving school to building a business.

  • Then in teams students will participate in the 'Apprentice challenge' where they will work against the clock to solve a real problem & build a business.

  • Students will end the day in a live pitch-off event where they will showcase their work in front of the judges. A winning team will be chosen.


Key outcomes

  • Build belief and confidence

  • Developing resilience and adversity

  • How to overcome obstacles and setbacks

  • Problem solving through entrepreneurial thinking

  • Creating an ‘action’ focused mindset

  • Entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, finance, social media, public speaking and more!

This workshop has been run with over 30,000 students and has been rated 5 stars!!

FULL DAY - up to 100 students

YEARS 5-12

Entrepreneurial challenge
Founder- 50% OFF!
  • Hear the inspiring story of one of our entrepreneurs or change-makers, from leaving school, overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals.

  • Explore what makes them awesome- and will uncover their strengths, passions and their WHY.

  • Students will take part in a fun and interactive goal setting and dream board building session.

  • Tackle our team building activities and learn all about overcoming obstacles and resilience.


Key outcomes

  • Passion, purpose, dreaming big & goal setting.

  • How to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

  • The importance of a positive attitude & mindset

  • How to make effective decisions & problem solve

  • Communication and team work

  • Collaboration and relationships

The perfect workshop to focus, motivate and inspire students and launch 2022 with a bang!

2 HOUR - up to 100 students

Dream Big & Goal set- 50% OFF!
Resilience and Mindset

YEARS 4-12

Changemaker- 50% OFF!
Solving problems for social impact

YEARS 5-12

FULL DAY- Up to 100 students

  • Hear the story of a social entrepreneur. How they tapped into their passion and made a plan to change the world.

  • Students then take part in the Changemaker challenge where they identify a problem worth solving and learn how to use business as a force for good.

  • In teams students build a mini social enterprise

  • The day ends with an exciting pitch-off competition where students showcase their work. A winning team is chosen.

Key outcomes
  • How to tap into your passion to make a difference

  • The role of a social entrepreneur

  • Dreaming big and creating a vision

  • Business skills

  • Storytelling to create influence

  • Confidence and belief

  • Team work and collaboration

  • Leadership.

Rated as students fav workshop in 2020/2021! 

5 stars!

Thrive- 50% OFF!
Wellbeing and Mental health

YEARS 5-12

1.5 HR - Up to 150 students

  • Students hear from a mental health advocate and how they navigated life after school, overcame obstacles and developed the tools to thrive.
  • Students learn why mental health matters, and will gain important tools and wellbeing strategies to live an awesome life.
  • ​Students will take part in our 'Thrive Challenge' a 7 day kindness and wellbeing challenge that will see them put their new found tools into action.
Key outcomes
  • An introduction into wellbeing & mental health

  • The importance of mindfulness 

  • Confidence, self-belief and EQ.

  • Problem solving through connection and community

  • Skills to develop resilience and adversity

  • Critical thinking and Communication skills

  • Kindness and gratitude

This workshop can be run on campus or virtually.

More workshops

The first 20 schools can claim the discount.


  • How much does it cost to book a workshop?
    Our workshop costs depend on the length of the workshop, and the number of students involved. Prices start from $500. Please reach out at or call 0433 325 263 for more details.
  • Can you run the workshops off school campus
    ​Yes! We have a number of partnerships with co-working spaces and entrepreneurial centres, so if you want your students to leave the classroom and give them a taste of what it is like in a work environment we can organise a workshop off campus.
  • How many students do your workshops cater for
    ​Our workshops can be run for 15-120 students at any one time.
  • Can I tailor a downloadable program?
    We are open to tailoring our teacher ‘DIY’ programs to suit your school day or term length. Please feel free to reach out to discuss with our team at
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