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'Women who Dare to change the World'

International Women's day 2020

4th-11th March

2 hr I Half day

To celebrate IWD 2020, we have put together a school event that will showcase 5 unstoppable female presenters who will share their stories to inspire the next generation of female leaders.

'Exploring Careers'

National Careers Week 2020

18th-24th May

2 hr I Half day


Throughout May we will be visiting schools to run our 'exploring careers' on campus events to inspire students to tap into their passions, identify their strengths and find a career they love.

We have a team of inspirational speakers from a range of industries that will share their personal career journey and run interactive sessions to give young people the opportunity to ask questions and explore how their future could look.

We also have a range of 'DIY' teacher led programs to support careers week, and are happy to tailor a program to suit you and your school.

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