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If you would LOVE to join our movement, but can't commit to running on-campus workshops, the digital membership is for you! 

Membership Rewards
  • Discounted  virtual workshops and events
  • Access to $2000+ of inspiring and innovative teacher led resources designed by our experts that focus on the practical application of 21st Century skills.
  • Access to 100's of hours worth of lesson plans, videos, learning activities and resources!
  • Access to our new Future Skills Academy platform
  • Access to our community of future skills educators, entrepreneurs and world changers!
  • A virtual keynote presentation by one of our entrepreneurs or change makers  to inspire your students!
Over $3000 of value for only $35pm!
** Choose to pay monthly, or $420 annually. Invoice can be arranged.

What's included.....

Your membership will give you exclusive access to licenses for our  teacher led programs, videos, lesson plans, and resources for

years 3-12.  All of our programs are built on the skills needed for the future, and are based on topics such as; 

  • Enterprise skills

  • Managing money

  • Collaboration

  • Resilience

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • Positive mindset

  • Well being & mental health

  • Passion & purpose

  • How to change the world

  • Problem solving

  • Communication skills

Our programs build confidence, self esteem, support students to develop 21st century skills and inspire them to dream big!

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