Calling all future thinking educators….

After educating over 25,000 young people around the world, running workshops across the country and making a difference in the lives of 100’s disadvantaged youths in Cambodia, Project Gen Z is now giving YOUR school the opportunity to join our movement of big dreamers & action takers!

This month we launch our exciting new school subscription program that will support you to inspire and educate your students, giving them the confidence, belief and tools to succeed in the ever changing world of work.


How it works

Our education
Every month you will receive a themed bundle that will focus on an age appropriate topic that will prepare your students to succeed.
Outcomes include:
  • Growth Mindset

  • Resilience

  • Enterprise skills

  • Time Management

  • Leadership

  • Problem solving

  • Money management

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Changing the world

  • Mental health & wellbeing

and more....

​Serious inspo into your inbox!

Each month we will send you some seriously innovative, educational & fun resources that will inspire big thinking. Our world-class content designed by some amazing experts focuses on the practical application of 21st century skills that will have life-long results for your students.

You are AMAZING!


We know how hard you work, so our content and education has been designed to save you time with planning, and provide you with tons of lesson plans, videos, learning activities and resources that you and your students will love. 

What do educators think?

Mrs Lambert, Yr 7

Miss Foster, Educator, Yr 5

Mr Thompson, Yr 9

"I highly recommend GameChanger. As an educator, I am always looking for programs that can push my students out of their comfort zone and give them the opportunity to be creative. This worked wonders! I saw students that normally shy away from leadership step into a leadership role and really enjoy it.

"10/10. Mini Dreamers is a great resource. Thanks for the excellent resource of worksheets. They are very appropriate for students in primary school. It was fantastic to have the resource download immediately with no difficulties." 

"I have been a big supporter of Project Gen Z for the last 5 years, and absolutely love my new membership. The resources are high quality, save me so much time in planning and my students are learning whilst having fun.  I highly recommend." 

How much does it cost?


Find out more…… What’s included each month


  1. Themed workbook

Choose from either our ‘Mini Dreamer kids’ or ‘Game Changer teens’ workbook series. Each workbook is jam packed full of 20 pages of lessons, fun education, learning activities, challenges and more!  Every month you will receive a new workbook with 20 different lessons on a new topic.. All designed so your students learn 21st century skills!


  1. Young Pioneer video series

Meet some of the world's most inspiring young entrepreneurs that are proving that anything is possible!

Young Pioneers is a school enterprise video program that showcases interviews with 10 incredible young entrepreneurs from around the world and their story.


  1. Educational classroom posters & activities

Each month you will get 2 awesome designed classroom resources to support the monthly theme.  Positive quotes, learning activities and posters to support your students journeys.


  1. Dare to Dream enterprise program

The Dare to Dream enterprise program is a teacher led program that runs over 10 lessons.  In teams your students will work in teams to build a mini business from the ground up.  The program ends with a live pitch off competition where a winning team will be chosen.  


** This program has been run with over 10,000 students!!


  1. Entrepreneur speakers

Project Gen Z is supported by 100’s of awesome entrepreneurs & leaders from around the world. As an ‘Access all area’s’ member you can access two of our incredible tribe members to share their story in your classroom!


  1. Access to ALL project Gen Z education

Project Gen Z not only designs digital school programs, we also run special events and build ‘one off’ programs.  From our online career programs ‘FastTrack’, Science is my superpower STEM series, to ‘Changemakers’ the video series which allows you to meet 10 kids making an impact in the world.. We are always producing amazing content and lessons for you and your students.


As an access all areas member, you will receive a code that will allow you to download any program we launch, whenever you like!


PLUS….. Sign up today and you will receive a digital version of our 2021 Big Dreams & goals poster for you and your students!!!


Let’s do this!



Do I have to pay monthly?

You can choose to pay monthly or annually. If you pay per annum you will get a discounted price.

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card so it will be automatically debited from your chosen account, or if you are a school we can organise an invoice.

Am I locked into a contract?

If you choose the Inspire membership you can cancel anytime. The Educate & All inclusive package has a year long commitment.

How do I receive the program?

Each month you will be emailed the themed bundle. All of our education and resources are downloadable and digital files. As an all inclusive member you will be given a VIP code to use on our website so you can download any of our programs any time you like.